June 1, 2020:

We have received some requests from parents of our students to resume in-person lessons. We will not legally be able to do that until schools in general are permitted to resume normal operations. The PNSM building will remain closed until Bellevue public schools reopen.

March 17, 2020:

Dear teachers, parents and students, The Pacific Northwest School of Music will be taking the following measures regarding the developing situation of COVID-19:

  • PNSM will close the on-site teaching starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020. 

  • Teachers will be conducting lessons through video calling websites.

  • We will reassess at the end of March, following the guideline of Washington state and King County Public Health.

Please send tuition checks to the following address:

Pacific Northwest School of Music
P.O. Box 55251
Shoreline, WA 98155

This is a situation in which we all  have to adapt out routine in order to ensure the safety of our society, so everyone is protected. Let' stay safe and continue practicing.

Hsin-Chi Liu

​​March 4, 2020:

NOTICE: The annual string concert on March 29 will also be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To: Teachers, Parents & Students  
From: Director Hsin-Chi Liu 

Let's take reasonable precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak. We at the Pacific Northwest School of Music will take the following actions:

  • Stay home if we (or you or any of your children) experience any infectious health symptoms. Out of courtesy to your teachers, if possible, should you decide to stay home, please give them 24 hours notice. Any makeup lessons will be arranged after the pandemic is reasonably contained.

  • We will send students home if they show any signs of cold, or even allergies. Please understand that we need to take this precautionary measure in order to protect ourselves as well as other students.

  • Bring your own hand sanitizer with you since we are experiencing a shortage of it at the school. (On Monday, March 2nd, some dispensers were already empty!) Remember, soap works best if used properly. Sing "Happy Birthday" twice while scrubbing.

  • Private lessons will continue as usual (since COVID-19 is spread by close contact with someone who is sick with it). We will continue until directed otherwise by King County Health or the CDC. Video lessons may be offered by your teacher at his or her discretion. 

Some of our teachers are at increased risk due to age and/or underlying health conditions. Young children are not particularly at risk. Please please please: consider the health of your teacher as well as the health of yourself.​