Daniel hanley

As an undergraduate piano major at Syracuse University, Mr. Hanley won the George Mulfinger Award for Piano and graduated Magna Cum Laude. During his Master’s studies in piano at the University of Massachusetts, he held a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and taught both piano and music theory. Currently, Mr. Hanley is completing a doctoral degree in piano at the University of Washington where he is a student of Dr. Robin McCabe and has been a recipient of the Joseph Creager Fellowship in Piano and a Graduate Teaching Assistantship in Music Theory.

Before relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Hanley was active as a performer, accompanist, and educator at both the college and secondary school levels in Asia for over a decade. He holds a Teacher’s Certificate from the Ministry of Education (Taipei, Taiwan). At the college level, Mr. Hanley has taught Studio Piano and classes in Music Appreciation, Music History, Musical Form & Analysis, 16th Century Counterpoint, and designed and taught courses such as Style & Analysis: The Symphonies of Gustav Mahler as introductory course-work for both established music teachers and recent undergraduates as preparation for their entrance to graduate music programs in the U.S. As a college Director of Keyboard Studies, Mr. Hanley was responsible for designing and maintaining a college curriculum for piano majors and for liaising with university professors and administrators in the U.S. and U.K.

As a secondary school teacher at specialized arts elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools, Mr. Hanley taught weekly studio piano lessons to students ranging in ages 5-16 and prepared them for piano juries, competitions, and college entrance examinations. Many of his students have gone on to successfully pursue music degrees at the college and graduate levels. In his private studio teaching here in the PNW, Mr. Hanley has likewise developed young pianists into regional piano competition winners.

In addition to the the piano, Mr. Hanley has a deep and ongoing interest in both music theory and history and feels that these areas help to instill a more complete understanding of the study of piano. These interests took hold early, winning him the Evalina Vernon Honsinger Prize for Music History as an undergraduate to recently completing the Graduate Music Theory Certificate from the University of Washington.

Throughout his teaching career, Mr. Hanley has developed an even balance between teaching young beginning students and teaching advanced college-age music majors. By equally devoting his energies to these two very different skill and age levels, he feels that his teaching has become much richer and inclusive. Mr. Hanley views piano lessons as a unique and important form of personal development: encouraging the formation of strong core values in the budding student pianist while at the same time investing the student with the ability to perform in such a way that creatively reveals both their individuality and an awareness of the world around them. During lessons, Mr. Hanley likes to encourage active participation from students and tailors lessons to fit their individual goals and strengths.

Away from the piano, Daniel enjoys trail-running and is an avid reader of world literature.